Training Courses

Completing Units of Competency within the Advanced Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management.

MSIA – in partnership with In 4 Training RTO#32041 – places accredited unit of competency workshops on the training Calendar on this website.

For RIIRIS601E [old G3] and RIIWHS601E [old G7, RIIHOS] Workshops  Please visit the MSIA Workshop Calendar. To enrol, advise the name, job title, mobile number, and email address of the participant who wishes to complete the unit and email this information through to MSIA, or enrol through your company training portal. Please indicate whether you would like an invoice which will be paid by Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, direct debit or whether you will requisition a  purchase order, then scan and email the PO to .

Contact MSIA for further information.

RII60320 Advanced Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management

Toward the RII60315 Advanced Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management, MSIA – in partnership with In 4 Training RTO#32041 – can provide assistance with 10 core units of competency plus two electives. Please email for further details on the units of competency available via correspondence. 

Unit code Unit title 
RIIRIS601EEstablish and maintain the risk management system – WORKSHOP
RIIERR602EEstablish and maintain underground coal mine emergency preparedness and response systems
RIIRAI604EEstablish and maintain the mine services and infrastructure  systems
RIIRAI603EEstablish and maintain mine transport systems and production equipment
RIIMCU606EEstablish and maintain the mining method and strata management systems
RIIUND601EEstablish the Ventilation Management Plan
RIIMCU601EEstablish and maintain the spontaneous combustion management plan
RIIMCU605EEstablish and maintain the inrush management plan
RIIMCU602EEstablish and maintain the gas management system
RIIGOV601EEstablish, maintain and develop a statutory compliance management system
RIIWHS601EEstablish and maintain the work health and safety management system – WORKSHOP
RIIMCU604EEstablish and maintain the outburst management plan