Qld Coal Mining Legislation Workshop – Participant Feedback 

A huge thanks for the opportunity to spend a few days in your workshop. The insights you’ve shared into the historical and legislative context along with the practical application of these areas of mining have left an indelible mark on myself and no doubt all the other workshop participants.

I learnt more about the act and regs in our session, than in all my previous workshops, discussions and other interactions, since commencing work in the mining industry.  D.C. December

I’ve spent more years than I care to remember in the mining industry & I was amazed at how much I discovered that I didn’t know about the Act & the responsibilities that we all have.  

The electronic search that you showed me is the only way to go…

Thanks for a very worthwhile 3 days

Hands down the best (relevant, engaging, value adding) course I have attended.

Should be incorporated into the competency requirements for appointed positions.

Have already provided feedback to our management and other colleagues are looking forward to your next session.

Your passion and knowledge of the subject matter made for a great few days.

Thanks again. 

“I got alot out of the course, it sparked my interest in legislation. The consultant was approachable and answered all my “dumb” questions. He used examples that were relevant to the industry which helped reinforce how and why the legislation is used.” C.B.

“Excellent delivery of what would normally be boring legislation, by providing the history/background to each area it put alot more meaning into content and inspiration for understanding it.”

“It was an outstanding and passionate presentation throughout the 3 days … I was delighted to undertake training with a real professional.” O.K. “Thank you to you for delivering one of the best courses I have ever attended. To be honest when my boss said I had to do this course I was apprehensive “Oh god not one of these courses where we just get bored delving through pages and pages of legislation”. Now I feel guilty of thinking that, after the experience of doing your workshop. Then to be taken through the emotion of a widow’s experience in losing her loved one her soul mate. Confronting as it is and certainly packs the punch that at times is needed. I have taken my people through the experience of your workshop, I have sat them down and shown them The Jason Blee Legacy DVD and have had them all complete emergency contact detail forms.  Once again thank you for a wonderful experience and I wish you every success with your foundation A Miners Legacy.” H.G.
“This training gave me a better more in depth knowledge of Safety, legislation, my obligations and the structure of safety systems than any other course including inductions had given me before.”  

“I am not a classroom person and normally struggle with these courses, but i found this course interesting and enjoyable, I would recommend this course to anyone.” D.B.

“I would thoroughly recommend this workshop / training for all senior management personnel. It has made the process of understanding obligations, responsibilities of different stakeholders, the objects and content of the Act and Regulation much easier to understand and apply in the workplace.”   “I found the course most informative, the presentation was of a very high standard and i would recommend attendance to this course for all senior managers.”    “This was the second time I’ve have attentted this course in approx 4 years , It just gets better. All persons involved in the mining industry should attend this course at lease once. If the mining industry wants to get serious about safety get serious with this course.” S.R.   “The trainer made a ‘dry’ subject as entertaining and interesting as possible. He had an infinite knowledge of the legislation. I would highly recommend the training to all Supervisors and HSE personnel.”   “The best course I have attended in 22 years in the construction and 10 years in the coal industry.”   “The workshop was definitely of great value. It was enjoyable, relevant and insightful. I particularly appreciated your methodology for dissecting the documents and grouping the sections. This has provided a useful tool for managing our obligations especially with assigning duties and responsibilities to persons under our SHMS management structure. As an SSE, this seminar has given me some fresh insights into the purpose and structure of the legislation and provided guidance as I prepare to sit the SSE exam.”   “I have only been in the industry for a short time (5 years). Never once have I seen people refer to either the act or legislation. I am absolutely gobsmacked by this fact. In my risk role – I will be educating people that they must refer to these documents in future as what they think is correct often isn’t. I’m also really pleased that Mark puts back into the mining community with his mining legacy foundation and also talking to the loved ones of people killed in mining accidents – whether quarry or coal or met. We need more Marks in this industry that is for sure!” 
“Thanks once again for a brilliant course. I have been raving about it, so hopefully that will encourage some more people in our company to attend.”   “This is the first time that I have seen someone talk about the legislation and make it interesting.”
  “It is by far the best presentation of safety lego introduction, i ever attend.” R.S.   “I came to the workshop with the belief that I had a general appreciation of the Act and Regs. How wrong I was. I leave here and understand that I need to refresh the legislation regularly. The course should be a requirement before any senior role, even a supervisor.”   “I have done a lot of courses where I walk away and think that it was a waste of time. This course was different. I feel I really learnt a lot. I strongly recommend it to others.”   “Sean is an extremely knowledgeable person in this field, he made it interesting and enjoyable to learn the law, i got a lot of useful information relevant to my position.”    “I would have to say it was one of the best sessions for this kind of thing I have ever been involved with.”   “Well done for making learning fun again! All my guys have given me good feedback about your course and I mention to others that it is the only one they should be involved with.”   “I’m sure you worked out that I got plenty of value out of the workshop. The practical exercises were great not only in terms of giving people the confidence to navigate their way around the Act and Reg but also kept it interesting.”   “For me I certainly came away with a better understanding of how the legislation works and the relationship of the different components.”    “Thanks for the workshop it was excellent…I will never forget to train people again.”   “Thanks again for the workshop. Both, content and presentation, was very good and very helpful not only for the exam but even more so for understanding the Act etc. Definitely one of the best workshops I’ve been to.”   “The Legislation Workshop … was one of the most effective workshops I have had the opportunity in which to partake. The connotations that surround “legislation” type training infers theory based boredom, however, I am pleased to advise the opposite was the case in this situation. This session would prove beneficial even to the seasoned coal industry Manager and should be adopted for all new Supervisory/Management personnel to the Queensland Coal Industry.”   “Just want to let you know we got 4 of our 6 people through the SSE exam first time … Thank you for your efforts in assisting us with this.”   “Unfortunately this has made me realise how little I know about the legislation, even after having worked with it as an SSE for a number of years. Further improved understanding can only help to improve safety systems and hence safety management on sites. This should not be limited to SSEs though, but include senior persons and supervisors.”   “This course should be a pre-requisite before attempting the SSE exam.  This course should be developed into a competency. The course should be mandatory for all statutory and management positions to attend. The course should be undertaken by all personnel involved in the development of a new site.”   “I wish I’d done your workshop a long time ago. We’ve got a lack of skills and awareness of CMS&HA obligations, so my intention is to run our supervisors and above through an abbreviated version once we’ve done some more work on our SHMS.”