Pike River Seminar Feedback

“I congratulate MSIA in developing this presentation. The framework and content can be applied to all Coal Mining Operations. The presence and contribution from all three presenters, Stewart and Jo and Marc, makes the presentations one of the most powerful presentations I have attended. I would recommend all employees within the Queensland Coal mining industry attend… in fact I believe it should be included in general industry training… this is a powerful message that everyone in our industry should hear.” R.B., 18 Mar 

“I would strongly agree that this training should be put before all supervisor/managers in the coal industry. there is so much to gain from the presenters knowledge.. loved it and so touching to here from a parent that has lost a loved one because of shortcuts being taken by senior managers..” K.H., 18 Mar 

“I think all persons involved in the mining industry or like would benefit from attending this presentation. It was very emotional at times, but maintained a factual basis without prejudice… the very embodiment of best safety practice in my opinion.” L.H., 01 Mar 2013

“I found the seminar a sobering reminder of the environment in which we work on a daily basis. Having worked underground on and off during my career, this seminar comprehensively demonstrated the importance of taking action to prevent catastrophic results. I sincerely hope its the last time we have to learn such a lesson.” Anon, 01 Mar 

“Session clearly demonstrated, through proof-supported statements, that operational safety will be put at great risk if workforce training is compromised, good practice is neglected and if proven safe procedures are ignored.” T.H., 01 Mar 

“All Presentors did a great job of presenting the subject matter in a manner that was informative and easy to follow.” Anon, 28 Feb 

“Joanne Ufer session instilled the personal effects view on these incidents, and is a reminder to persons in this industry to be always vigilant.” D.G., 27 Feb 

“Overall an interesting and beneficial day. I think the main theme that our safety relies on each of us as individials as much as the systems we put in place came through loud and clear.” Anon, 27 Feb 

“What an informative conference, learnt alot and planning to pass on to employees to educate staff and make them realise the importance of why certain practices and procedures must be followed. A special thank you to Joanne Ufer.” Anon, 27 Feb 

“All in all this workshop was excellent, I can’t give enough praise to Jo, Stewart, Mark and Darren in their presentations.” J.A., 31 Jan 

“the training was informative and concise. I was very interested from Joannes perspective as the family has never been considered before.” D.R., 31 Jan

“The day was very good I found Joannes story so sad and for the loss of life all for what!!! A company gone broke and 29 families are without loved ones …Thanks you it was a reminder that my actions as a leader has a impact on more than just that task that is required its a life choice that we make each day… not a task not workorder etc…. once again thank you.” Anon, 31 Jan 2013

“Very well done MSIA. The course outline and content kept me thoroughly focused for the whole day. I have benefited from attending this seminar.” Anon, 01 Feb 

“Expertise of the presenters was excellent.” Anon, 01 Feb