Welcome to the Mine Safety Institute of Australia

MSIA’s Vision is that every person with a role in a mining venture understands his or her role and how their role affects their own safety and the safety of others.

MSIA is one of the leading consultancies in mine safety and risk management. Our consultants can assist all personnel to understand and fulfil their obligations, ensuring safety is managed effectively at all times.

MSIA consultants have undertaken a wide variety of roles across the mining industry, including operational, technical and management roles. Our extensive practical experience means your company, and staff, receive the most current knowledge and best practices available within the mining industry.

At MSIA we believe that …

  • every mine can be operated safely
  • nothing is more important than the safety and health of every person who may be affected as a result of mining activities
  • safety is integrated within every activity
  • safety belongs to every person, every day
  • each generation need not rediscover the lessons of mine safety learned by the previous generation, lest we forget the lessons that have been bought with such a high price – that of the lives of mine workers.

As much as we have improved mine safety, we have not achieved our goal of an industry free of injury and illness.  The lessons of the past will assist us to achieve that vision. The Mine Accidents and Disasters website makes this information more readily available. Zero Harm is the goal. View the website 

For Queensland Coal Mining Legislation, RIIRIS601E [old G3] and RIIWHS601E [old G7, RIIOHS] Workshops, please visit the MSIA Workshop Calendar.

MSIA also provides SSE Examination Preparation, OCE, Risk, Emergency, Gas, Ventilation, and Other Refresher Tuition. For a full outline of MSIA training, click on the TRAINING SERVICES Tab on this page.